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SahilKhan Mar 26 '18
I just wonder why they have to be so picky when it comes to finding their life partner. Every UK single Muslim girl thinks she is too good to be with a normal guy but I wonder if ideals still exist :).

I would like to here from UK single ladies on this or I am just generalising this issue.

I know being a UK single Muslim  its not easy to find someone suitable for marriage but may be we are just too picky and we want picture perfect Muslim husbands or wives.  

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Rumaana Mar 31 '18

Dear Sahil Khan

In response to why women are so picky,

I would like to bring to your attention of the importance of finding someone that is compatible with one’s personality, as when they are not compatible then there will be bigger problems.

For example, I’m sure you wouldn’t marry a woman whom spoke Japanese, as there would be language barriers.

Or a woman that was always so negative.  Or if you prefer the outdoors and your future spouse prefers the indoors, in either situations there will be disagreements.

We all have our own limits and have a rough idea in what we would prefer in our future spouse.


But I assure you, either way men and women are picky in their own ways, and in their own manner.

Anisa VIP
Anisa Apr 1 '18
Dear Sahil,

I completely agree with Rumaana. Every single Muslim or Muslima has the right to chose their life partner. You think girls are picky but what about men?. I know many single Muslim men who have a long list of requirements :).

I agree finding a Muslim for marriage is not easy but at the same time you need to find someone compatible. Marriage is a life time decision so everyone should make sure that they find the right person to settle down with. Muslim Marriage involves two families as well not just two people so you need to make sure that it will work.

Being muslimandsingle I know its hard but one should not lose hope. For example I am based in UK and have a degree if I marry someone from Pakistan or someone without a job then surely that wont work and I will only have myself to blame. I think sometimes you just have to be honest to yourself. If you are a single Muslim and struggling to find suitable partner then I would advise give it a time and do not settle for less.

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Doc82 Apr 1 '18
Yes completely agree being a single Muslim is hard these days :) but its very important to find a compatible partner as its a life time decision. 

We work hard to get somewhere in life and then surely we deserve to be a bit pick when it comes to choosing a marriage partner. So my advice to any single Muslim or Muslima would be to picky and choose the right partner.

Rojon Jun 24 '18
To every life partner

What would you do if you find a life partner that ticks 99 boxes except one box that you may find annoying or disturbing(depends on people choice). My question is that will you go for that person or not?
No-one is Perfect except prophet Muhammad SAS so we are meant to find one error or the other. What will you do?

I would not just blame girls these days. What about us men? Will any men marry a woman who ticks most of the boxes but find that there is one problem. Will they move forward with it with that proposal? Maybe yes or maybe no.

So depending upon situation I would say go with it. And save yourself. May Allah make it easy for us.

Thank you

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